If you live in Darling Point there is a 120% chance that you are already in on Sydney’s best-kept secret:


Richie’s Café & Convenience, a corner store-café-restaurant-local watering hole hybrid frequented by residents of the secluded quiet suburb that is Darling Point. If you haven’t heard of Richie’s – well, now you have, and believe us, your life will never be the same.

Nestled on the corner of Mitchell Road and Darling Point Road, Richie’s is everything you want in a local hangout. Whether you’re a long-time resident, a day tripper or a holiday-maker based in Darling Point, you will find solace in this unassuming little shop.

At first glance, it is like every other popular coffee shop in Sydney: bustling with locals, alive with the sound of the coffee grinder and the clinking of cutlery, the scent of a classic Aussie breakfast wafting through the air. As you continue to explore the space, however, one soon realizes that Richie’s is not just a popular coffee shop. It is Darling Point’s hub.

Families come for a hot breakfast with their coffee while the kids play with Richie’s energetic Chihuahua Dude, local tradies traipse in to recharge and grab a roll to go; there are people sticking around for lunch and a chat with their neighbours, or stocking up on some pre-packed homemade hot dinners all ready for reheating, and just when you think the day is over, it isn’t. It’s time to hang out outside in the summer air with a glass of wine.

There is no menu – whatever Richie and his team dream up on the day is what gets put up on the board behind the counter. Even daily customers are surprised every visit.

Just like an onion, there are still even more layers to Richie’s. It truly is the vacationer’s dream. Let us set the scene for you…

It is nearing dusk and you’ve finally arrived at your immaculate and spacious holiday home in Darling Point after a draining day of flying, driving and lugging suitcases to and fro. Your abode for the next few weeks has everything from Wi-Fi to Foxtel to spectacular harbour views to a swimming pool – but sometimes even the most luxurious creature comforts come second to the need for food, caffeine and company.

Whatever will you do?

The answer is simple: head to Richie’s. Yes, just Richie’s. Just the one place.

We’ve established that Richie’s is your one stop for a homely meal and a top quality coffee. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’re all full up on schnitzel rolls, pulled roast beef, lasagna, pizza (the list goes on), it’s time to go grocery shopping.

Stock up on those delicious homemade meals we mentioned before, fresh fruit and vegetables, salami and prosciutto, tea and coffee, biscuits, chocolate, hygiene products – there is something for every person’s every basic need tucked away behind the dining area at this treasure trove of company and convenience.

Pick up some trash magazines to while away the days in the sun, grab an Opal transport card to get you onto the ferry down the hill or the trains round the corner, stash away some Ben and Jerry’s for a midnight snack, and accommodate for nearly every holiday emergency with a collection of over-the-counter medicines.

For the weary traveller, Richie Goldman is like the genie from Aladdin if the genie were a Boy Scout, granting every wish, prepared to accommodate for your every need. His family-run business, alongside his mother Fran and pet chihuahua Dude, is loved by locals and visitors alike. It doesn’t take much to please people – all you need is a winning smile, an open mind and a wealth of generosity, and the team at Richie’s have all three in spades.

If you have a property in Darling Point and would like to support Richie with friendly visitors, why not talk to us? We’re locals, just like you.