Airport Concierges: The new face of luxury travel

Voyeurism plays a part in many a travel adventure, whether it's leafing through the glossy catalogues of a high-end cruise brand, scrolling through Instaram images of the latest resort opening in a far-flung place or stopping by a legendary five-star hotel for a drink in the lobby bar to absorb a modicum of the lux life.

The beauty of these top-shelf holidays is the inspiration and innovation ideas they provide for the rest of the travel industry. The trends that start at the megabucks end of the spectrum often trickle down to more affordable travel options and open our minds to new adventures. With that in mind, here is what luxury looks like in 2018.



Booking a holiday house, no matter the cost, always comes with that Airbnb-style gamble, where despite the glossy photos on the app, you dread opening the door to discover it’s far less comfortable than your own home, with sticky crockery and never enough cooking pans. But the sharing economy is expanding upwards and for a cost, you can access very high-end homes.


Hotelesque is an Australian company that rents out deluxe private homes for holidays, that promise “home hotel living” complete with a concierge, for up to $10,000 a week.



A share-accommodation company
fancier than Airbnb